Torsion springs or garage door springs are vital components of your garage door. Located just above the doorway, they are held in place by other springs attached to the bar. When this framework malfunctions, or its parts become damaged or broken, you can encounter various issues with your garage door.

At Dream Garage Door, we have the expertise to repair any and all problems you may have with torsion and extension garage door springs. Call us today to have a skilled technician sent to your home. Our 24-hour centers are always waiting to assist.

Garage Door Springs

Homeowners know just how problematic a broken garage door can be, especially after you’ve just had it fixed. You call a technician to have it repaired only to have it break down again weeks or months later.

Dream Garage Door repair service is different. When our technicians are called to deal with an emergency, we get the job done right the first time. Our specialists provide the very best solutions to your problems and apply effective garage door spring repair strategies for lasting results.

Garage Door Springs

Strategy #1: Replace Both Springs

Garage door springs are similar to a car’s tires. When one tire bursts, it won’t be long before another gives out too, especially if you have had them for the same period of time. It would therefore be wise to replace both tires before the inevitable happens.

Our garage door repair specialists use this same principle when it comes to replacing your springs. Because garage doors come fixed with both springs, it only makes sense to replace both if one breaks.

This strategy can save you from having to repair your garage door again in future. It also prevents damaging your door opener and makes the garage door much safer to use.

Strategy #2: Choosing the Best Springs

For your garage door to be well-balanced, it is important to choose the best springs for that particular door size and brand. Installing the wrong spring can increase tension and place the opener under strain. This will eventually harm the entire framework of the garage door and lead to costly repairs.

Dream Garage Door technicians understand this. This is why we make it a priority to choose springs designed to carry the weight of your garage door. Our experts also make it a point to conduct balance tests to ensure your door runs smoothly for a long time to come.

Strategy #3: Perform Thorough Inspections

At Dream Garage Door, your safety is our top concern. This is why we offer inspections to test the safety of your garage door absolutely free. Performing safety tests on all parts of the system is important because it is highly likely that the components are in more or less the same condition as your springs.

Because springs are installed at the same time as other components, the whole garage system needs to be assessed to check for flaws that may cause issues at a later stage. This practice saves our customers a lot of time and money in the long run.

Dream Garage Door Anti-Corrosion Springs

To add even more value to our convenient service, we provide our own branded, durable springs. Dream Garage Door springs are corrosion-free and are powder-coated to resist erosion caused by climate conditions and friction. We are so proud of these springs that we have included a lifetime warranty with each installation.

A Lifetime of Great Service

We have good reason for offering a lifetime warranty on our springs. Dream Garage Door springs are made from a high grade, highly durable steel that last longer than those of many competitors.

Average garage door springs can only withstand 5,000-10,000 cycles. This is the number of times your garage door can move up and down. Dream Garage Door springs, on the other hand, can endure 25,000 to 50,000 cycles with ease.

If you need help replacing your garage door springs, Dream Garage Door offers much more than installations and replacements. We provide a comprehensive, professional service 24 hours a day for results that last a lifetime.