There are many things that can go wrong with garage door openers. Some of these common issues that would warrant Garage Door Opener Repair include:

Garage doors stopping randomly.
A loose, sluggish belt or chain.
Unusual sounds like a scraping noise.
Garage door that hums.
Doors not responding to wall buttons or remote controls.
Blinking lights and lightning.

Garage Door Opener Repair.

When to call for garage door opener repair. Garage door opener repair is generally more cost-effective than replacement. We encourage our customers to have the door fixed rather than replaced. If repairing the door is the best solution, our crew will come prepared. We arrive at your home equipped with the parts to fix your opener.

When to Replace Garage Door Opener.
In some cases, Garage Door Opener Repair is mandatory. If your garage door falls under any of these categories.

UL 325 Regulations:

UL 325 regulations state garage door openers made before standards were amended in 1993 are not as secure as those after the date. Therefore, all technicians are obligated to replace faulty garage doors with newer, more secure models.

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Depending on the brand of your garage door you may have to replace it. If the manufacturer has a record of producing flawed systems. These doors may not be repaired.

Safety Eyes:

The UL 325 agreement requires garage door openers to have safety eyes. If an opener lacks safety eyes, it needs to be replaced.


If your brand of garage door is no longer made, the best solution is to replace the door. The reason is that finding spare parts for these systems will becoming challenging. Sourcing rate parts can be costly and making repairs in future will be difficult. New Garage doors boast upgraded features and fancy opener buttons. If you would like to learn more about these systems, our experts are happy to help.

Contact us today. Find out how our products can save you time and money. Customers often ask us if we can fix their model of opener. Absolutely! Our service can repair all opener brands.