One of the most important components of a garage door is, of course, the garage door cable. This hardworking segment helps your door run smoothly daily. Learn more about how this component works and how to identify when it needs replacing.

Garage Door Cable

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What Happens When a Garage Door Cable Malfunctions?

Issues with a cable can cause your garage door to get stuck when opening and closing. Technicians need to examine the door carefully to find out if the cable is the source of the problem. This is because garage doors can become jammed for several other reasons.

It is possible your garage door may not be opening and closing properly because of issues with the remote control. It is not unusual for doors to get stuck when batteries inside the opener are old and need to be replaced. In some instances, malfunctioning sensors may be the problem.

Garage Door Cable

If your garage door does not require an opener, check the wheel track. Blocks on the wheel track can disrupt the mechanism and should be removed promptly. If remote control openers and wheel tracks are not the cause, a broken or damaged cable might be the cause.

Faults in the cable can also cause garage doors to close too quickly. Doors that come down too fast can harm you, your vehicle and damage the garage door itself. If this is a problem, it is best to contact us to fix the cable or replace springs.

Why is it Important to Replace a Cable?

Broken cables and springs can cause severe damage to your vehicle. Garage doors have extension springs that help balance the weight of the door. If these springs break, the door can come down with so much pressure, it can cause injury to you and damage your car at the same time.

To prevent this, safety cables need to be installed. Dream Garage Door experts can have safety cables fitted to shoulder the weight of your garage door should the springs break.

Why Dream Garage Door Replacements?

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