Most homeowners don`t think about their garage doors until they start causing problems. Then they need a Garage Door Safety Inspection. But all garage doors have parts with springs or electric garage openers, which can stop working because  parts are malfunctioning.
We are here to make those problems go away. With our service they would not happen in the first place. We will keep you safe and prevent any dangerous situations.

Garage Door Safety inspection.

Our highly experienced technicians will review all areas that may cause these problems and follow the 25-point safety check-list to check your garage door completely, providing you with detailed and prompt report. After the safety inspection is complete we can deduct the cost of the inspection form the cost of any service. The cost of the safety inspection is $29.99 most of the time. With various discount and coupons from our website the cost of the 25 point inspection can be reduced to only $19.99. On top of those discounts we can still deduct the cost of the Garage Door Safety inspection from the cost of service to fix the garage door. You can find out current discounts on the coupons page of our website.
Garage Door Safety inspection Checklist:

Garage Door Safety Inspection

Hinge Arms.
Strut / Truss Rod.
Spring Anchor.
Bottom Weather Seal.
Panel Condition.
Garage Door Opener.
Control Panel / Remotes / Key-less Entry.
Boom / Trolley.
Safety Eyes.
Motor / Gear.
Bell wire.
Safety Reverse / Limit Switch.

Garage Door.
Door Balance.
Safety Cables.
Center Bearing.
End Bearing Plate.

So if you’re looking for great garage door service and inspection please give us a call. We manly operate in Cook and DuPage counties but if you give us a call and life outside of the surrounding area we may still take the drive out to your home.