Gate Repair Service

Need a dependable, low-cost gates repair service in your area? You got it.

At Dream Garage Door, we strive to be more than a gates and garage door repair Chicago service. We invest our resources into hiring the best technicians, upgrading to the latest technologies, using the highest grade materials and giving our customers the kind of service they dream of.

Extensive Service

From electric gates to manual models, we have intentionally trained our technicians to work with a wide range of gates. As part of our repair service, we conduct complete evaluations to find the problem and get it fixed fast.

Dream Garage Door services many types of gates, including:

  • Electric gates.
  • Automatic.
  • Manual.
  • Swing gates.
  • Driveway gates.
  • Gate openers and pads.
  • Motors.

Our crew can tackle many more types of gates repair as well as popular brands.

No task is too big for our expert technicians. If it is a replacement you need, we have the products and parts. If your gate is due for maintenance, we can replace and repair.

Gate Repair
Gate Repair

Expert Team

Gate repair is our business and one we take seriously. This is why we have selected top technicians to join our team. Our staff is helpful and can assist in choosing the right solutions for your problem. They are thoroughly trained to complete installations and repairs quickly.

On top of providing you with the best technicians in the industry, we also make them available 24 hours every day of the year. Whether your gate breaks down in the dead of night or during the day, you can call Dream Garage Door.

Quality Materials

We know that your gate can only last as long as the materials they are made of. This is why we offer brands that manufacture the best and sturdiest gates around. Our replacements parts live up to the highest industry standards to ensure long-lasting quality, prolonged operation and reliable safety.

Lowest Prices

You don’t need to be scared of expensive quotes and huge repair bills. Our pricing model makes gate repair affordable for any budget. Our representatives are here to help you select the best pricing options to save you money now and in the long run.

Advanced Equipment

At Dream Garage Door, we merge expertise with advanced technologies to get the job done professionally and proficiently. Our technicians employ the best strategies and have mastered techniques to achieve the best results in as little time as possible.

Installing Overhead Gate Openers

Installing openers for overhead gates is a process that needs to be done correctly by a skilled technicians. Openers are chosen according to the weight and size of the gate. After selecting the right device, a technician then needs to replace or repair worn out components.

Next, the specialist needs to mount the motor on the ceiling a safe distance away from the door. A rail extending from the motor is set up, as well as the chain that will run on this rail. A trolley then needs to be attached to both chain and track.

After the last step is complete, the technician will use a moving arm to connect the trolley to your gate. We check the quality of our installations by testing and adjusting travel and the force of the gate opener.

If you need a team that knows how to do gate repair and installations right, contact Dream Garage Door today.