Garage Door Questions

So you have Garage Door Question. What Types of garage doors do you offer?Our garage door Chicago company operates in all local areas in and around Chicago, Illinois and surrounding counties. We offer many brands of garage doors and parts to our customers. Most of the time we can install the same brand that was originally installed or at the customer request install a different brand. We deal with any types of home or business garage door. we can repair or replace custom systems as well as design and install new garage doors and panels.

Some of the types of garage doors that we offer to install and/or repair are:

Other Material.

Manufacturers we use.

First United Door
Safe-Way Door.
Wayne Dalton.
Marantec America.
Clopay Door.

Garage Door Question

How to pick a garage door within your price and with the quality that you are looking for?

We will send a technician to your home and he will evaluate your garage door and come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget.

I have a Garage Door Question.

What is a tune up?

A tune up should be completed once a year to make sure that the garage door is functioning properly and to access if any parts are going bad. We have a 25 point inspection and if you are in need of our garage door repair Chicago services we will deduct the cost of the inspection for the cost of the work after completion.

  • Checking the cables.
  • Checking the springs.
  • Checking the mechanical mechanism and opener

How often should I have my garage door checked?

This is a very common Garage Door Question. Every sixth month just like fire safety inspections.

Can’t I just do the work myself?

Yes, but most of the time people who try to fix the garage door themselves end up calling us with a bigger problem because they found out that it is not so simple. Some people also get hurt trying to fix garage door springs because of the tension involved. It’s really not worth it considering the cost and the possibility in injury.

I want to replace just part of my garage door; do I have to install an entirely new door?

Let us take a look at your door. Sometimes people think one part is going to fix the problem because they can’t identify other parts that are bad.

Is my garage door spring broken?

Most of the time it is broken because the door will not go up or down.

How long will my garage door last?

You will have to take a look at the manufacturer’s manual or website to find out about life estimates. There are so many factors that go into the length of time a garage door will last that it is very hard for us to give an estimate.

What is the difference between a sectional garage door and a rolling garage door?

This is a very good Garage Door Question. Businesses use the roll up garage doors most of the time. They are becoming popular in large homes because of the look and extra safety they can afford. These garage doors roll up like a carpet at the top of the entrance, which makes them more compact. A sectional garage door is the popular doors found on most homes. The door has at least four sectional panels that the door can go all the way into the garage without sticking out the front.

Rolling garage doors are the ones used by businesses. You’ll see this type on the windows and doors on some buildings as well as the garage door. They are called rolling doors because the whole door rolls up like a mat on the top of the door entrance. The other type of door is the sectional garage door this type of garage door is installed on residential homes. When the doors are opened with a remote, the doors break into four sections. The whole door sits inside of the structure unlike the one piece system. The one piece garage door was the most commonly installed system, but now the sectional is more popular because of its features. The door itself is one piece and when you open it half of the door is outside of the garage and the other half is inside. If you have any more Garage Door Question please send us a message.