Set Your House Apart with a Customized Garage Door

Customized Garage Door

To upgrade the aesthetic beauty of your home, there is a really simple place to start- the garage door. Customizing your garage door and windows to match the rest of the house is an easy way to showcase its distinctive architecture.

When changing out your garage door, you might as well add in some features that may cost a bit of money but will be worth it when you go to resell your property. Installing some stylish garage windows and a solid door may just catch the eye of a potential buyer who you’re trying to impress. So why don’t upgrade now and enjoy the benefits for yourself in the meantime?

Matching the home’s windows to your garage’s windows gives the whole structure a sense of uniformity to someone passing by. Plus, it can give your home a renewed spatial sense that it’s larger than it really is.

There are two types of garage door windows- real ones and fake ones. Simulated windows can be installed to practically any kind of garage door, but in certain kinds of light it could be very apparent that they are fake. However, there are some benefits to having simulated windows. If the garage door faces west in an area with lots of sunlight, fake windows can decrease the need for air conditioning. Real garage doors windows that let lots of light in tend to heat up not only the garage but the rooms in the house closest to it.

Adding in windows is a way to make your garage and house stand out, but mounting garage door hardware in a way that gives the impression that the garage door opens a different approach can be another example of how to set your house apart. More appealing than functional, this article covers garage door hardware that may be just what you need in your upgrade:

Fancy hinges: Long curvaceous hinges on a garage door can give the illusion that the door opens outward. They look good on antique or carriage house doors, but can be attractive on basically any kind.

Door handles: Mounting door handles in the center of it gives the impression that the garage doors open to the sides. A handle that is hung low in the center of the door makes it seem like it’s a single-piece door that opens upwards.

Old-style door knockers: Just like a doorbell, a knocker installed on the center of the door may look good on ancient and rustic type openings, even if no one uses it.

Door latches: Just like door knockers, mounting a latch on a door might not ever be used but it can give a door an urban feel and can be appealing on a carriage-style or barn door.

Garage door studs: Mission-style or French Country homes that are already unique-looking may be able to pull off a garage door that has decorative nail heads or studs, or even a rolling grille. These are features that really make a statement.

Keep in mind that your garage door can really be a reflection of the rest of your house and of yourself, so customizing it with some cool features can leave you with a favorable reputation.

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